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In October and December our vice-principal Anna Duchenko and a teacher of English Christina Chereshniuk have attended the course which was developed jointly by the British Council and GoGlobal public initiative within the framework of the national "Україна Speaking" campaign. It was a 40-hour training course for teachers from different schools in Vinnytsia. The course program involved micro trainings, reflection on their own activities and micro training analysis by the British Council trainers. Different topics were touched upon such as: problem teaching situations, how to promote thinking skills, structuring and planning of the lesson, stages and elements of the lesson, Bloom's Taxonomy, interaction between pupils and teacher, reflection, classroom management, etc. All teachers who took part in the training developed their personal and professional qualities, improved their knowledge, skills and practice.
At the end of the course all participants received special certificates.


Дата: 2016-12-05 01:57:24