Новини школи
Готуємось до екзамену

Екзамен складається з чотирьох частин:

1.      Аудіювання. (Прослухати текст і виконати завдання до нього(альтернативний вибір (вибір правильної та не правильної відповіді), множинний вибір))

2.      Читання. (Прочитати текст і виконати завдання до нього(альтернативний вибір (вибір правильної та не правильної відповіді), множинний вибір))

3.      Диктант з граматичним завданням. (Граматичне завдання: ступені порівняння прикметника, множина іменника, числівники, написати правильну форму дієслова (Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple))

4.      Говоріння (Повідомлення за однією з 12 тем)

Examination Topics

1.      My Family and I

2.      My Flat / My House

3.      My Daily Life. My Working Day

4.      My School

5.      At the English Lesson

6.      My Hobby

7.      My Favourite Season

8.      Sport

9.      London

10.  Kyiv

11.  Ukrainian Holidays and Traditions

12. My Friend


Завдання для підготовки до екзамену






My Family 

My name is Ann. I am 10 years old. I have got a family. We are four: my father, my mother, my brother and me. My father is a businessman. He works in the office. My mother is a doctor. She works in hospital. My brother doesn't go to school. He is only four years old. I have got many aunts, uncles and cousins. I am their niece. My brother is their nephew. I have got grandparents. They live in Ukraine. We are a friendly family.


My friend

I have got a friend. My friend's name is Roman. His father is a manager. He's mother doesn't work. Roman is 11 years old. He is taller than I am. His hair is fair and short. His face is oval. He has got hazel eyes. His nose is straight. He has got a good character. He is honest, kind and modest. He is a true friend. He is not greedy and selfish. He loves and respects his parents.



There are holidays which are popular all over the word. Some of them are national, others are religious. The most favourite festivals are: New Year Holiday, Christmas, Easter, Women's Day, Victory Day and others.
All holidays are special, but my favourite is Christmas. We celebrate it on the 7th of January. People cook a lot of tasty food, buy presents, and send greeting cards to their friends and relatives.Children go from house to house singing Christmas carols and collecting sweets and money. It's a great holiday, full of fun and joy.


Sports and Games
Sport is very important in our life. Many people do morning exercises, go jogging in the morning, train in the clubs in different sections and take part in sport competitions.
There are different kinds of sports and games. Some of them are usually played in summer; others are winter sports and games. The summer events are boxing, horse riding, wrestling, yachting, swimming, diving and others. The winter events are ice hockey, skiing, ski-jumping, ice dancing and others.
Physical training is an important subject at school and pupils have PT lessons three times a week. Pupils also play football and volleyball on the sports ground or in the gym. As many people in the world I am fond of swimming. It makes me strong and healthy.
Different people like different things. Some of us collect stamps, books, badges, coins and many other things.
Other people are fond of music or films and that is their hobby. Many boys and girls go in for sports and spend much time at gyms and swimming pools.
Many of us are fond of reading. We learn a lot of new things when we read books.
There are people whose hobby is travelling and they cannot imagine their life without visiting other countries.
As for me, I prefer taking pictures of all places I have ever been to. It's very exciting and useful.


There are four seasons in a year. They are winter, spring, summer and autumn.
There are three months in each season.
December, January and February are winter months. In winter, the days are short, and the nights are long. The weather is always frosty and snowy.
March, April and May are spring months. In spring, we can see small green leaves on the trees and birds come back from the south.
September, October and November are autumn months. This is a rainy and chilly season. Autumn is a tasty season.
June, July and August are summer months. It is very hot and sunny in summer. Pupils have got summer holidays. It's my favourite season.

There are different animals in the world. Animals can be wild and domestic. Domestic animals can be farm animals and house pets.
Domestic animals are very useful. They give us milk, meat and eggs. Some people keep animals at home. We call them pets. They are cats, dogs, hamsters, parrots and others.
Other people keep unusual pets such as iguanas, tarantulas, hedgehogs, monkeys and even snakes. They keep them in glass cages and feed them with leaves, worms and grass.
People like wild animals. They enjoy watching them in the circus, and in the zoo.


Our family has four meals a day. For breakfast, I usually have a cup of tea and a cheese sandwich.
I usually have lunch at school. I have a glass of compote and a bun or some sweets. Dinner is the main meal of the day. My granny always cooks it for me. It usually consists of a plate of soup, mashed potatoes and meat.
I have supper at 8 o'clock. It is a light meal. I like cottage cheese, yoghurt and a glass of orange juice. Sometimes I eat pancakes with sour cream.
My parents say we should eat healthy food rich in vitamins and minerals.


Winter Holidays
It was the first day of our winter holidays. The weather was nice. It was snowing. The trees were white with snow. 


My friend and I went for a walk to the park. There was a lot of snow. My friend Mike said, "Let's make a snowman". It was a good idea. We made three big snowballs. The first snowball was very big. The second was smaller than the first one. The third was the smallest.
We ran home, took a big carrot and a pot. We put the pot on the snowman's head and made the nose out of the carrot. The snowman was ready. It was so funny. We were happy, we had a lot of fun.


Winter is my favourite season. I like it very much, because it is so beautiful in winter. The sun is bright. The streets, houses, trees and other plants are white and snow shines in the sun. 
You can ski, skate and sledge a lot. We usually play snowballs and make snowmen in winter. We play a lot and have winter holidays too.
We celebrate Christmas and New Year in December and January.


My First Day at School
I remember my first school very well. It was not very big but it was a very good school. The school was near the centre of the town. I can remember my first day now. It was a very big room with four small windows. The walls were white with posters and pictures on them. Some classes were difficult but I was very happy at the school. My first teacher was great. His name was Mr. John Papadaki. My favourite activity was reading. I had two best friends at school.